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Smart Goals

SMART goals is a framework for creating specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound goals. The acronym SMART stands for:

A goal should be clear and well-defined, describing exactly what needs to be achieved. The more detailed a goal, the easier it is to create a plan for achieving it.

A goal should be quantifiable, with specific metrics or criteria that can be used to measure progress and success. Measurable goals help track progress and motivate individuals to work towards their goals.

A goal should be realistic and attainable, considering available resources and constraints. Setting attainable goals can lead to satisfaction and discouragement.

A goal should be aligned with the individual’s values and priorities, as well as the organization’s or team’s broader goals. This ensures that the goal is meaningful and worthwhile to pursue.

A goal should have a specific deadline or completion timeline, which helps create a sense of urgency and focus.

By setting SMART goals, individuals and teams can create a clear and structured plan for achieving their objectives and tracking their progress.

A software engineer wants to improve some technical skills and move from Software Engineer 1 (Junior) to Software Engineer 2 (Intermediate). Let’s assume do more code reviews on a specific Typescript repository will help this engineer towards this next step. I don’t think I need to say this but, of course this should be just one goal within many others required for a title change.

Specific: Improve understanding and knowledge of Typescript by doing frequent code reviews. Go line by line, understand why the code was done that way, if there is local bugs, security or performance concerns. If no relative feedback is necessary, always great to praise and share some great feedback.

Measurable: Code review at least 5 pull requests per week.

Achievable: Assuming the working week is defined as 5 business days, separate 30 minutes per day for code reviews. This way there is also time to work writing code as well participate to meetings and other team rituals.

Relevant: The team stack has Typescript as main language which is totally relevant for this engineer as well for his individual contributor role and career path.

Time-bound: Keep this rountine for 2 quarters (6 months). After this, set either more agressive goals or switch to other ideas.\

I hope this was useful for you,

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