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Happy 0b11111011111 folks!

2015 is here! I’m almost completing 6 month living in Canada and.. yeah, I can’t complain! Yesterday we had too much food in our fridge and the beers wasn’t getting cold enough.. so.. I put the beers outside on the balcony. Just 5 minutes getting -8 Celsius and they get perfect! People say here that last year the winter was wild. So.. by now we can say.. “Not bad..”

My professional career is doing great! I always hear some people saying that when they arrived in Canada, some of them had to work in different kind of jobs just to get Canadian experience and improve the language.. So I must say that God are blessing me and my wife with good jobs and knowledge every day. I think that working only with software everyday is awesome. And I can’t complain about the years that I spent working with TV and Telecommunication Engineering.. I got a lot of differentiate knowledge that some of my colleagues doesn’t have.

2015 Goals? I believe that keep on mind that we need to change it’s not enough, we have to do our best to get our dreams realized. Yes I have some goals for this new year but some of them still need a better English. By now I’ll study to get IT certifications and keep trying to be a good person to be worthy of more blessings from God.

Happy new b11111011111 folks!

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