Rodolfo Bandeira

rodolfo bandeira

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Hi there! I grew up in Brazil and moved to Canada in 2014 with my wife and daughter. I’ve been working fulltime since 2003 and at the moment I’m working as Senior Software Developer.

I started disassembling my toys since I was a kid to see how things were actually working inside. After I grew up, I studied electronics so I have a certificate of Electronics Technician. At University, I studied B.Tech Industrial Automation and right after graduating I studied Network & Security Systems as a Post-Graduation certificate. Before moving to Canada, I was studying B.Eng Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering but had to interrupt when I moved.

It is really hard to summarize so many years of professional working experience, but In a nutshell, I have experience in three industry fields so far: IT, Electronics and Telecommunications.

Computers IT:

I had a chance to work professionally with C/C++, Assembly, Java, PHP/HTML/CSS, Ruby, Python, JavaScript. I hold two professional certifications: ZCPE (Zend Certified PHP Engineer) and AWS-ADEV (Amazon AWS Associate Developer). Security, Infrastructure and DevOps are also topics I’m always involved. I’ve been managing web servers running Linux, OpenBSD, FreeBSD and Windows Servers. Recently I’ve been reading about Elixir, Sprigboot, Golang, Lua, VimScript or wherever I feel like at the moment. Anyways, I’ve been always trying to learn something new.


Worked with embedded systems for vehicle tracking systems mostly at low-level assembly and C. Also developed boards with microchip microcontrollers (8,16,32 bits) when I used to work for a big TV/Broadcast station in Brazil. Now, I’ve been playing with microcontrollers just for fun.


Worked on a big Internet Provider (ISP) in Brazil. Had a chance to work with 10/20GB Routers, Switchers, SDH, MPLS, BGP, GPON at logical and physical levels involving setup and maintenance. Worked with RF, VHF, UHF, Wireless/Microwave transmitters as well optical networks and Backbones.

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