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EDT-135 Acterna E1 and Data Tester

This is the EDT-135 Acterna E1 and Data Tester. A powerful tester includes a full set of measurements to install, commission and troubleshoot E1 and data circuits, along with the services that run over them. Some network technicians  in Brazil call it “Maleta” like Suitcase. Yeah, maybe because its more easy to say.

We just use this tester to make loop tests in deterministic networks connections. We have a diagram that shows all the path between our telecommunication center to our client-network. We just make a logical loop in equipments like SDH MUX or coaxial connections in our telecommunications center. When the signal from EDT-135 TX go away and comes to RX without any error, the message OK is shown in the screen.

The most usual connections that We use with it is V.35 and G.703. In some cases v.35 to network speed until 2Mbps and E1 to 2048Mbps. This kind of network connections is becoming outdate of the telecommunications market every day. The most usual clients that uses it nowadays is bank ATM networks. Here in Brazil we say: “Maquininhas de cartã0″. (Little credit card machines in a literal translation). Some network engineers say that this kind of connections is more safe and stable for financials transactions. I’ve gotten a lot of companies that doesn’t want to change your infrastructure and insist to use old cisco routers with G.703 connections or V.35. Do you believe that some companies contract connections of 64kbps or 128 kbps? Really, in some automation circuits or financial circuits that send serial RS232 information converted to different kind of standards communications.

In this example, we have a OK massage in a loop test using V.35 connection and 384Kpbs speed connection.

The EDT-135 was discontinued and know have two alternatives from JDSU manufacturer. JDSU bought the Acterna Inc in 2005 from $760 million.

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