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OLT Huawei for Passive Gigabit Networks GPON

This is a OLT MT5600 Huawei. This equipment puts the network traffic in broadcast using GPON technology. In each fiber connector as you can see in the left of the image, it sends +3dBm of signal and it can attend to some splitters and so much clients per fiber.

In this infrastructure, we adopt 64 clients in maximum because we serve internet connections between 20MB until 100MB.

There are two source power boards, six fiber to clients boards, and two main cpu boards. There’s also two 10gb boards but we didn’t connected fibers through it. The internet traffic comes from a double fiber SFP 1.25Gbps adapter.

As I already show here in my blog, this internet traffic comes from a NE40 Gibagit Huawei Router. In other post, I’m going to show you the equipment that we use in a Client.

A ONT with four ethernet ports, two voip ports and in some cases, CTV port.

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