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Welcome to Stock Exchange

Hey everyone!

I started studying about stock exchange few months ago. I got an amazing book here that is called: “Bem vindo à Bolsa de Valores” (pt-BR), in English: “Welcome to Stock Exchange”.

So, this book teaches how stocks works, and how to apply to your first investment at Bovespa (The Brazilian Stock Exchange). When I was reading this book, I decided to do my first investment.  Until now, I didn’t get financial losses and I’m so glad because of it.

I’m learning every day and understanding how the market works in the world. Bovespa is a fragile market and every time Europe or North America has any problems, it affects us here as well.

I think the most difficult to get with this kind of investment is to find time to keep reading every day about the economic news in the world and Brazil. My goal is definitely grow my monday and keep investing more and more.

Maybe one day I’ll become a full-time trader? Perhaps not but always learning more about all this :)

See you guys! God bless all.

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